Survey Software for Market Research

December 12th, 2011
In the late 80’s market research company paid surveys were normally filled out in person. Usually a company’s representative would hand out survey forms to as many people as they can in markets places, malls, parks and other highly populated public areas. In exchange of the survey, individuals will get giveaways, freebies and raffle tickets. When I was in college, I had an experience working in a media survey firm. We had to go from one house to another asking people to write down their favorite radio and T.V. station in a ¼ page form. There was no payment for those doing the surveys and the area to be covered by our survey is quite large. It required us a stock of good manners and a smile to convince people to fill –up the form and complete the day’s requirement of our work.Now, with the onset of the internet, things work quite different. Surveys are made easier and the need for paper works lesser making use of Survey Software which will allow you to pass information in a format that can be used by web surfers. They say that online survey is a powerful business intelligence tool and I really do believe it. With the power of technology in our hands today, information, communication, mails, workloads and many other things are made easier and user friendly too. This is a great advantage to many and saves a lot of manpower and money too. We even entered a local online survey here in our place and we’re doing it for more than a year now and gotten some perks of doing it since companies here offer some freebies when you join their online surveys.

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