Color and design to show off the features of your body !

December 3rd, 2011
With Christmas parties coming up , lots of women will be shopping around for party dresses. I have blogged last year how to make the most of one’s figure so I am making another post this year reminding everyone how it is important to choose a party dress that suits your shape.

First, you should cautiously choose the color and design to show off the features of your body you like the most. For petite and small framed individual , do not wear dress with bright colors. Larger figures must opt for darker colors. Chose a style that will flatter your shape. Fitted dress will cling to the curves and accentuate the small waist to those with hourglass figures while the bulky ones can hide their tummies with a dress design that is swigged in just above the waist. You can find wide selection of gorgeous and trendy clothes at Gray and Osbourn.

One last suggestion, if you can afford to splurge on costly clothes try to Shop for designer Fenn Wright Manson outfits at Gray & Osbourn. I just visited the site and found his contemporary styles chic and elegant.

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