Coach,Gucci,Channel, Prada and many more….

December 9th, 2011

Me and my daughter happened to passed by a newly opened boutique as we hurriedly walked to the jeepney terminal. As much as we wanted to rush home, we can not help but get aside the shop since they have lots of signature items on display. Our eye dazzled in excitement as we saw genuine branded bags like Coach,Gucci,Channel, Prada and Louisse Vuitton. I was tempted to let the sales lady opened the glass shelves to see the price tag… and oh… they were really authentic basing on the price and the serial numbers. They are even willing to let us see online and prove that the serial number are not yet taken.

We almost forgot we are in a hurry since they got lots of items , from apparels, perfume,lotion, shoes and attractive giftable items. I am planning to gift my hubby this Christmas the Gap cap and Polo from the store.

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  1. Kim, USA says:

    I agree with you they are extremely expensive some could be worth a car a second hand car oh by the hermes could be a brand new car lol! Happy weekend!

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