I can be chic and fashionable with my Eyeglasses

November 15th, 2011

When I was eighteen years old, I was diagnosed to have Astigmatism, a common condition among teenagers where the cornea is not perfectly spherical. My mom brought me to her friend who’s an ophthalmologist and I was given eyeglasses to correct the problem. Being in my early teens , I was overly conscious with my looks so most of the time my eyeglasses would be left inside my purse. When I went to a boarding school in college, I totally stopped using it thinking that I would look older and would never be attractive with the opposite sex wearing eyeglasses.

As I reached my 40’s , I began to feel some changes as I see things with my eyes. My profession as a Civil Engineer required too much time in the computer for estimating ,design and monitoring works. I could no longer see the dots and the lines as perfectly as before. Small letters and numbers printed on the detail of the plan became blurry. I decided to see an ophthalmologist again and was given prescription glasses for reading and computer works. Reality bites! Finally I accepted that my vision is already deteriorating.

That was four years ago and now I realized that I can be chic and still be fashionable even if I am wearing my eye glasses. . I have 3 pairs of eyeglasses today and still looking for my 4th pair. Lately, I visited glasses.com and found their lightweight polycarbonate lenses great for my speaking engagements. I also found the Margaritaville Calypso Polarized sunglasses I so loved to have someday ( I saw my favorite Hollywood star wearing it ). I enjoyed so much browsing through their selection of exquisite eyewear by brand, style , material and by price. Yes! You can virtually try on your desired eyeglasses by uploading your own photo . Visit the site and discover the perfect eyewear for you .

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