November 4th, 2011
My sister-in-law hosted a Halloween last Monday and the theme was Bohemian .She uploaded the pictures on facebook and I can’t help but envy their party. I missed those Hippie Clothes back in my younger years. My aunts and uncles used to wear that during that time and they look so cool. One thing that I love about Hippie Dress which is also known as Bohemian dress is that it is so comfortable to wear and technically the designs are so artistically crafted. Hippie clothes will break the monotony of wearing emo clothing during Halloween parties. Instead of looking so scary and creepy with those dark suits, one can look so gorgeous in giving treats or tricks with those hippie clothes! That’s gonna be a Halloween Party with a twist and I am pretty sure many of her friends also will love the idea.

Well, with regards to the availability of the design, I guess it is not a problem because fashion continues to evolve. If we notice, the designs from the 70’s was reborn just like how those skinny jeans, bell bottoms and mini skirts comes back to life in this millennium year but with a little twist. The same thing and ideas will going to happen for the Bohemian clothes. Actually, Hippie clothing can be tailored and customized. The cloth that is being used in making such clothing is readily available. It’s the design that really matters and most tailors knew it so there has to be no problem in getting one. Hippie clothes can be worn during casual days also so there no regrets in investing your money for it. Besides, summer is up and hippie clothing can still be worn and can even set a trend for it.

Wow, I’ve got so many ideas running on my mind right now and I can’t really wait to have my own choice of Hippie clothing. How about you?

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