Do we really a DSLR ?

November 6th, 2011
I kept on asking my hubby if we really needs DSLR. We have two point and shoot camera in the house , the latest one is GE’s X5 which for me is sufficient enough for our blogging needs. He wanted to switch from our old digital camera to DSLR preferable canon or Nikon. The price is too high that is why I told him to hold on with his desire.

Lately, he showed to me the portrait photography North Shore site and found lots of amazing portrait. Ordinary people turned to be extra-ordinary with photographer Lindfield . I found the image below enchanting and captivating. My hubby told me that he can do the same with a DSLR of higher specification. He added that the main benefits of DSLR cameras are the detachable lenses and the viewfinder. With the interchangeable lens function, you can use the ones designed for a certain purpose once at a time, or even combine them for better results. He added that this is impossible to achieve with regular body cameras. My hubby also redirected me to the site of baby photography Sydney and I can’t help but be stunned with the cute and adorable baby portraits. After browsing through lots of photos, I was able to realize the difference between ordinary and SLR cameras.

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