Black Friday and Cyber monday Shopping List

November 25th, 2011
This year I am sure many Americans will look to save as much money as possible as the economy continues to be a great struggle. One way to save money during the Yuletide season is to take advantage of the best buys on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So what are the best buys during these? A lot really and since it’s this November right again, we can all be rest assured that the rush would be quite much frantic for all shoppers. It’s the holidays and even though some changes have been made, like other shops open up earlier and other stores choose for a more later date it will still be somewhat the rush that we all are expecting.

So what are the best buys this year? What are the wares on sale that you are planning to give to your mother? The latest gadgets that your sister or brother have been wanting to buy since the start of the year? The home appliances lacking at home or the latest in fashion apparels & accessories for your niece and nephews? Wait! Before that we would like to deviate a little something first. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are not just for shopping for gifts to give out during Christmas, it is more like a treat for everyone so don’t be hesitant to buy something for yourself as well. I think this is even one of the best days of the year where you can indulge yourself to something which you very well earned for yourself. So don’t be stingy or be very thrifty , buy yourself something nice and something techie or fun, anyway everything is on sale .
For me, I have 2 top choices this year – DSLR, Laptop and Iphone. I want to wake up the photographic artistry within. I know that a huge percent of the camera price will be taken off, This is one product which is favored by a lot of people to gift to themselves. I want to have the laptop that’s the cream of the crop. I have my reliable netbook already but I have to buy another one! With the price cut offs, laptops are again one of those which people really clamor to buy.

For my health and sport buff hubby, I’l buy him fox racing t shirts, I saw online a fox racing store that offers promo codes. I am sure my hubby would be delighted to have new pairs of sporting apparels. How about you? What’s on your shopping list?

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