WW : Manilyn Monroe

October 11th, 2011

With Manilyn Monroe at Universal Studios, Singapore

8 Responses to “WW : Manilyn Monroe”

  1. MarieClara says:

    Pretty! 🙂

  2. January says:


    Visiting from Wednesday White. Here's mine Shy and Serious, Demitasse Cups

  3. tejan says:

    ahahah..ang cute;)

    visiting from White, grace see yah!

  4. emzkie says:

    aw si Manilyn Monroe! lol.

    my WW is up also at a Sahm Reviews .Net
    My Photo Meme Blog

  5. KM says:

    parang di gano hawig ni Ms. Monroe 😀

    Visiting you for WW. I hope you can visit me back: DR. RUSSELL DOHNER, LOVED BY ALL

  6. Rcel says:

    Prettyness! 🙂

    Visiting for WW. You might want to look at my share if you got a chance:
    OAV Experience
    October Ice


  7. raya says:

    that looks very real!! thanks for joining WW.. late visit again! :))

  8. cheerful says:

    wow, that's lovely…i miss her when we went there last time! visiting late from last week's WW, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

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