Unemployment rate in Asia

October 22nd, 2011
United States which is known to be a “ land of opportunities “ is not exempted with this crisis. There are lots of Americans jobless this time brought by the global crisis which started 5 years ago. In our country , there is a 7 to 8 unemployment rate compared to out neighboring countries like Singapore , Thailand and South Korea which has around 3-4%. Most of the unemployed in the Philippines are fresh graduates with about 400,000 added to the labor force each year. According to the Department of Labor and Employment, an average of 2,500 Filipinos leave the country on a daily basis to seek for greener pastures abroad. Most of them work as construction workers, domestic helpers , medical practitioners ,teachers and entertainers. I have heard that there’s a demand next year Business-to-Business Marketer Jobs , Information Technology Engineering jobs abroad. I hope this will push through… or else our employment rate will surge up high.

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