She’s Healthy at Eighty

October 24th, 2011
She’s our neighbor and our regular passenger every Sunday. She’s 80 but it seems that she’s healthy as 40 years old lady. “What’s your secret Grandma?” I asked her one Sunday. She said “Nothing… but added that maybe it’s my love for God that made me strong , alive and kicking everyday”. We laugh at her apt reply… but I guess it’s true. God must have been amused and happy seeing her always at our church every Sunday in the midst of her old age. Mind you ! She can endure 45 minutes standing , clapping her hands and making some groovy moves for our “Praise and worship”. For another 2 hours of the Sunday Service … she’s happy sitting down singing hymns while raising her hand.Another secret that she shared to us is her healthy habit like sleeping before Nine o’clock in the evening, eating healthy foods like fish and vegetables , drinking more than 8 glasses a day and her walking exercise . She added that food supplement plays a great part of her health. She’s taking a daily dose of Multi-Vitamins to boost her immune system and chondroitin supplement for her joint pains. The only thing that she’s complaining is her osteo-arthritis brought by old age other than that she’s healthy as a cow.

Oh my! I pray I have the same strength and vigor when I will be 80 years old already.

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