The Philippine Azkals and the Philippine Volcanoes

October 11th, 2011
Being the only girl and the youngest among my 5 brothers, I grew up loving men’s sport. Every Summer I joined my brother’s soccer team on their afternoon practices. The city’s sports center is just 3 blocks away from home, so going to and fro each session is not difficult. In my younger years, I played basketball, volleyball and actively joined marathon contests. I was boyish until I was separated from my siblings when I studied away from home in college. I was an academic scholar in the College of Engineering, so my time was mostly spent in studying and drafting.

( The Philippine Azkals)

Today, I am still fascinated with men’s sports not as a player but as a fan of the Philippine Football team and Philippine Rugby team. Both have made a mark in their respective area of discipline. The men’s football team (Philippine AzKals) reached the qualifying rounds for the 2012 Olympics while the men’s rugby team (Philippine Volcanoes) made it to the finals of the 2011 Asian Men’s Rugby championships and bagged the Silver medal. They will join the 2012 Hong Kong Rugby championship on March next year. Yes both teams were considered rookies in this field dominated by older and well trained teams from other countries. But in spite of that, they made us all proud of their achievements.

( The Philippine Volcanoes)

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