Parked Domain

October 15th, 2011
A blogger friend left a Private Message on FB asking help on how to migrate her site to the domain she just purchased at GoDaddy. I was amused because she really thought I am an expert on this matter. Actually I have purchased a domain through promotional coupons two years ago from the same site but to sad say that until now the domain is still park at my account. I tried my very best to follow the instruction but they were too complicated for me to understand.

Now, I am reminded again to use the parked domain . This time it will no longer be a problem to me. I have a blogger friend who is a well-known web hosting provider in our country. Migrating my site from blogger to self-hosted site takes only minutes for her. I am really amazed how she’s doing it. Tutorials says it’s easy… but as of now I am not willing to spend my precious time unfolding the mystery. Anyway, my web hosting provider’s fee is so small. I rather get her services hustle free!

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