How’s Your Brain Doing?

October 13th, 2011
Or perhaps I should have asked this question instead, What does your brain tells you? You might be surprised if you find out the answer. Most of us thought that intelligence is hereditary, and the biggest factor is the genes that runs into your family, that is why there are some family who are considered as Family of Genius. But if you have notice nowadays, there are many mind-booster food supplements that are trying to catch our attention. They offer lots of promises, all you have to do is try the product and see the result. Well, there is nothing really wrong with that as long as you’ve got the right product. But, can we really do something when our memory begin to fails us? How can we assess our brains? Can we assess our level of thinking? You can actually try if you like to by just simply signing up at and see for yourself. It is indeed fun assessing your cognitive skills. As for me, I’ve got average score on Visual Short Term memory but very ppor in working memory (I should have blame the mouse for it! lol). Per trial result, my Cognifit Score is 321! If you are interested just log on to the said website and link with your facebook account.

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