Godstruck – Connect, Renew, Survive

October 8th, 2011
The young people in our church composed of the young men (Band of Brothers,) and the young women (Femmes for Jesus) will hold a three-day Youth camp called as “GODSTRUCK – Connect, Renew, Survive”. We scheduled it a day after the school break this October. The camp will be attended by students from different campuses in our city. We are currently holding 13 campus Bible studies and 17 care groups. This would be a big event since we are expecting around 250 delegates for this camp. The budget for this event is quite huge considering the food to be prepared for the 250 young people and the staff for the camp alone.Other expenses include the budget for decoration, fuel allowance for the transportation, Office supplies that include I.D. accessories and I.D. Holder , budget for the tarpaulin printing, and additional contingency fund. This is a big burden for all the young people but they are all focused and determined to push through with this event believing that God will supply all their needs. The venue is a public school located just within the city and we thank God that the principal allowed us to do it so their students could benefit from it too.

The preparation is now in full swing. Not only will the delegates be coming from different campuses but also from the nine Lighthouses of the church. Lighthouses are house churches as part of our program to reach out to the community. Nine different places with nine Lighthouses, reaching and connecting with more than a hundred people every week. This is our vision, our mission and our philosophy as a church. And we are all one in prayer as we look up to God for His provision and guidance. We are all aware that without Divine intervention, we could not do it. And to all who join us in this endeavor, may the Lord continue to use us and pour out His favor and blessing in our lives. To God be all the glory, honor and praise. A big Amen!

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