New Motorbike for 2012

September 14th, 2011


Our motorbike which has been with us for 5 year is now sold. My hubby intentionally sell it for us to have a new unit. Our motorbike is still at its best ( my hubby is meticulous when it comes to maintenance) and looks good too with its accessories but we decided to let it go to make way of a Yamaha MX Street Monarch. Our old motorbike which was a Suzuki Shogun Pro was the top of the line when we bought it in 2006… so now by hubby is desiring for the top of the line for 2011 too. Yamaha cost almost a Hundred Thousand Pesos but it’s cheaper because services and freebies are included like LTO Registration, Insurance , gmax helmets and jacket. I hope we can have this before the year ends.

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