I admit our first two businesses went bankrupt

September 15th, 2011
One and internet cafe and the other is a Video rental business. It was a very sad experience to both of us because me and my hubby were newly weds that time. We were adjusting with our marriage and at the same time adjusting with the business we easily ventured. We invested without making feasibility study. There were 3 existing internet cafe on our area making the competition stiff. The schools near our internet cafe prohibited their students to go out the campus during school tine. Worst, the school opened their own internet cafe . Other reason of bankruptcy is the high cost of overhead and maintenance. Our return of investment went negative… which resulted to the closure of the business. If only I was able to buy final expense insurance .. then I wouldn’t been so hard up financially when the business closed. Sometimes earning a business degree online teaches the people the skills they need to avoid bankruptcy.

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