Financial Blessing

September 2nd, 2011
Landscaped Garden, 2nd floor with attic , Lanai, Granite countertop …. These are features of our dream house. It might take a while to realize it but it will surely come. That’s how positive we are as look forward to that day when we will be starting to buy the first set of materials for our new home.

Me, my hubby and the kids were just excited to look at our dream wall pasted on it the complete home design we chose for our dream house. We could just imagine celebrating the goodness of God with a new renovated house ! That will come to pass indeed. And of course I will not forget the designs of our comfort rooms. It should have a touch of simplicity and elegance too. My hubby loves to stay at our CR so we decided to make a bigger one in our master’s bedroom. We decided to make a bigger kitchen that would accommodate all the appliances , kitchen wares and the service area. The granite countertops price is a little bit higher this time. I hope by year –end, we will be able to get a lower price in time for the inventory. Praying for the financial blessing to come so that we can start our project the soonest time possible

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