Do you need a Bankruptcy Lawyers?

September 9th, 2011
It may sound surprising to me since here in our place, I have not yet heard anything about a bankruptcy lawyer. I might sound naive but I am honest in telling this. Yes we have financial advisers and financial managers in many big companies. How I wish that every wise investor must consider the services of these professionals like the Cary Bankruptcy Attorneys.

I was once employed with a construction company for almost 8 years. I was the project coordinator and took charge of project bidding and other important project details . It was a family business managed by a father and his sons. The company went well with many projects lining up. Worker’s pay and incentives were quite high and I was really enjoying all the benefits. When the father died, the company now ran by the children was mismanaged until it declared bankrupt. It was a losing battle for the children to raise their company’s status . Employees wages were no longer paid and projected were stopped because of the lack of money. I wanted to stay with the company, but I have a family that needs my financial support so I decided to transfer to another construction firm. Now the family is back in doing business but no longer in the construction Industry. I know they have learned their lesson well.

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