College Dropout Rates

September 29th, 2011
College dropout rate is on the rise here in our country. A few months back, 60 or more colleges were closed due to poor performance and low educational standard. What would happen to the next generation of Filipino youth if this trend continues? This is a question that is bugging me for some time now. Our son is in the junior high and two years from now will be in college. The high cost of education and living condition in our country affected much of our fellowmen especially those who are living in poverty stricken provinces. Even in the city we’re living financial crisis is common.

I see this dilemma not just in our country but globally. Even the United States is experiencing a high rate of college dropouts. Woohh…I was wondering how many of the Americans cope this problem. In spite being a financial giant, still they are not spared with many crises. I still believe that our son will graduate from college with the degree he loves not because we are financially capable but that we have our God who never leaves us nor forsake us. We can bank on that.

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