Super Typhoon

August 7th, 2011
The recent onslaught of three typhoons in our country resulted to heavy rains, flooding, landslide and damaged farmlands. Even big cities are not spared from the calamity. Thanks be to God that our place though affected by the typhoons tailwinds and rain showers, we were not directed hit by the typhoons fury but we also need to be extra careful. Our house is just an ordinary one but it’s sturdy and we thank Go we had our refuge in time like this. Recently, my hubby found out that a part of our surface raceway need repair. Our son complained of water coming from his roof during heavy downpour. The next day , my hubby went to his jack-of-all –trade self and made the necessary repairs. We should not overlooked any part of the house though how small it is.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank God too! We are not affected by the typhoon amidst the heavy rainful.

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