A Plumbing Problem

August 26th, 2011
We just arrived from work tired and we could just imagine ourselves hitting the sack for the night. My hubby told me that he smelled something bad upon entering our son’s room. Our son was sound asleep when he entered his room and smelled that unlikely smell. We checked the garbage bin if it was properly disposed and also the exhaust pipe of our comfort room. Then it dawned on us…the culprit was a leak on a plumbing from our comfort room and the smell was disgusting. I could not just imagine our son sound asleep in his room with that kind of smell.Early the next morning, we contacted our friend who is a plumber and told him to check on the plumbing lines and repair any damages or leaks. We cannot stand the smell even during the day and much more during nighttime. Plumbing Repair is the necessary thing to do since we could not afford to sacrifice the health of our kids. I think that smell is a kind of poison for our family. Now that the problem has been solved, I can have the peace of mind knowing that we could have a good night sleep without that disgusting smell. We are also assured that our son will be breathing fresh air when he sleeps. Now that’s a great relief!

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  1. Paul M. says:

    I admired you for being attentiveness in your household problem. Plumbing problems shouldn’t be set aside. Your action is right when you called plumber right away to fixed leaks. Because, it could put your health at risk.

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