The No. 1 Real Estate Agent

August 25th, 2011
My father-in-law used to be a Real Estate agent. And he’s top on his class. He’s always top in terms of Real Estate product sales of their company. He handled most of the major sales in big subdivisions because of his circle of friends who are mostly businessmen like him. Eventually, they all became his clients. Indeed, he has that different charisma when it comes to closing a deal. We really admire his enthusiasm for his work and he enjoyed it very much. Every time a new family transfers to our subdivision, he would always be the one to talk to the family and bring a simple gesture of friendliness like food or drinks. In a matter of time, that new family would belong to his circle of friends.

If he would still be alive today and find the boom in our city, I believe my father-in-law would still be at his best in real estate. Having a daughter working in the States, he would have asked her to invest in real estate too like Missouri Homes for sale and even encourage her to be a real estate agent. Well, times change. My sister-in-law works as a Physical Therapist and invest in real estate here in our place. She already bought a 2-hectare land as future investment for herself. She plans to retire here in her native land. She would then be in a big surprise seeing the progress, growth and expansion of her birthplace.

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