Direct Income with Direct Selling

August 26th, 2011
My hubby and I are both business minded. Before we even got married, we both partnered in a business selling dry goods, jeans and shirts to my co-workers in a construction company where I was working. That helped us a lot in our wedding preparation. I think and I believe that being an entrepreneur runs in my blood. I was yet in my elementary years when I engaged into business selling candies, newspaper, magazines and other stuffs to our neighbors. I really enjoyed it very much because I could somehow help my mom and dad in our everyday needs. We are five siblings in the family and there are times when we are so hard-up in our finances that my small business would really help us a lot in buying our food for the day.

Until now, I am still active and into Direct Selling Opportunities . Every time we would travel, I would go directly to suppliers of clothes and garments and buy wholesale products so I could sell it to my friends back home for a fair price. They would gladly buy our products which have lower prices that those sold in department stores and with better quality. My husband enjoys also being my partner as he himself is a good businessman too. I enjoy this kind of business since direct income comes with direct selling. I believe we will still be in this kind of trade even if we are old already.

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