Watch out for my Birthday Contest!

July 3rd, 2011
My Birthday is still on July 22, but as early as now I am thinking of holding another Blog Birthday Contest . My last year’s give-away was a very successful one. There were lots of bloggers who offered sponsorship and the number of those who joined totaled to 142.

Now that I have lots of facebook blogger groups, I am expecting my sponsors to increase… so that means bigger cash price and better turn-out of participants. I want also my invitation to the contest to be high tech , thanks to birthday invitations ideas. I now have a trendy and chic invitation ready to be launched next week. So my blogger friends. Watch for it!

3 Responses to “Watch out for my Birthday Contest!”

  1. Lalaine says:

    can't wait for your birthday contest… mg sponsor na sad ko..hhehe!:)

  2. gracia says:

    ty love..kaduha2x man ko kay daghan contest ..and then mga sikat pa gyud sila…ngeeh kita ultimo ra…

  3. Kayce says:

    oi ate magsponsor baya pud ko sa imong contest. no need to worry ate kay nia man mi magpaluyo ug suporta kanimo hehehe!

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