Planned parenthood Funding

July 19th, 2011

Many low income families depend on Planned Parenthood as their primary health care provider. That is why the more than 20 000 patients of the large corporation are in distress over the recent news to block the implementation of a law that will take away funding for Planned Parenthood which is situated in Indiana, if this does so happen those 20,000 patients will be in trouble of losing their primary health care provider. This bill and law puts added pressure on low income families or people who suffer already having Online check advance or credit cards and so on.

For those who haven’t been keeping track of the news or reading the papers…In early May the Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels signed a bill that along with other things, blocks patients with Medicaid from being reimbursed for any services that they might receive from Planned Parenthood. The new bill also requires that the doctors have to tell any pregnant woman that is looking at getting an abortion from Planned Parenthood that “the fetus might feel pain during the procedure”.This bill is to reinsure the public or the (Republicans) that is put into motion because it would like to make sure that taxpayer dollars are not being used for abortion purposes.

It’s a soar subject among many, and a controversial subject matter at that, as many do not support the idea of a government funded social program. The most controversial yet is of course the fact that this was providing financial assistance to those low income individuals who may want, or are seeking abortion. You can see why this can cause so much heated debates. Having a socially funded program that pays for sex education, birth control and contraceptive, family planning, prenatal aid and family counseling is definitely an advantage to any community, but what is at the root of all debate, is whether or not abortion costs should be something this medical institution should provide, especially when it is funded by tax dollars.

On the other side of the argument, there are the believers that abortions should be funded, as it would save the state in the long run and prevent unwanted pregnancies, std’s and other effects of not having options for care. Either way I suppose Planned Parenthood has both it’s advantages and disadvantages and I personally stand on the fence about it.

However, I suppose no matter what the public turn out the last call goes to the judge, and unless the Judgestrikes down on the law to remove funding,Planned Parenthood will indeed be forced to close down several of its clinics, most likely in the most undeserving and lower income areas, this will also result in lay offs and willleave an estimated 20,0000 medicaid patients without health care. And to top it all off not one of many the clinics being closed down even provided abortions to begin with, so there’s an interesting twist isn’t it??


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