Mens Facial Products and Mens Skin Care

July 15th, 2011
I must admit that my dearest husband was and still is today a fan of mens facial products. He used to regularly wash and clean his face day and night and clean it again with skin toner . He’s fair skinned and I appreciate his habit of taking care of his face. Whenever we take the kids on vacation and go to the beach or the swimming pool, I always see to it that we use sun protection. As a sports enthusiast too, he wears extra protection when he does his mountain biking three times a week and spends two hours on the road.

When we had our vacation in Singapore a friend told us that we should bring some extra bottled water when going out since the weather is quite hot. I did not only bring three extra water bottles but of course I brought also our friendly sun protection cream. Spending hours walking and visiting different places in Singapore was quite an experience. It was our first time to be there. Two months ago, my hubby noticed some white spots on his forearm and he was quite worried. We thought it was some skin disease and applied an over-the-counter medicine. Sadly his skin got burned and the burn marks are very visible. We visited a dermatologists and the doctor advised that he must apply a sun protection cream and extra covering for his arm if ever he wants to go biking.

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  1. Rossel says:

    I agree, men need to use skin products too because just like us (women), it's important for them to look good and feel good.

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