Juliet Fancubit : The greatest Mother-in-law in the whole world

July 30th, 2011
I have just finished making my entry for the ” Best Birthday Ever” meme on girls talk and I can not help but remember my dearly departed mom. Each birthday with her is a memorable one because she never failed to give me gift and love letter every birthday of mine.

God is so good, now that mom is gone ( that was 3 years ago ) my mother-in-law and I became closer to each other . While some of my friends hated their M-I-L… I so love my dear Mommy Joy. She’s such a loving and caring mom to me ad my hubby and an adorable grandma to her grand children… that is why months before her birthday I am keeping my shout on facebook ” don’t forget Mom’s birthday ” So that each of us will be able reminded to give the best gifts and birthday party for her.

Mommy Joy, we love you so much ! God will surely bless you with more years… because you’re such a blessing to us!

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