Wedding Bands

June 18th, 2011
This year our church will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and Thanksgiving on August 21. This would be the grandest of all the previous Thanksgiving celebration we had. Indeed God deserves no less than the best! Some of our friends who belonged to the original group of people who started a campus Bible study and are now married will celebrate their wedding anniversaries next year. Even our Senior Pastor will celebrate their wedding too two years from now. And me and my hubby will celebrate ours, nine years from now. There’s always a magic when I talk about anniversaries especially those who rejoice and thank God for the many year He kept their relationship through thick and thin.
Talking about weddings, I remembered our dear friend who’s now a church minister, Pastor Ricky and his beloved wife will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary next year and they have planned to make it a grand celebration. This would of course involve a lot of planning especially with the wedding programs, venue, color motif…etc. And how about wedding bands? They could even choose diamond wedding bands! Oohhh….that would be grand! Diamonds…I remembered years back then when my hubby now tried his best to buy me one of those engagement rings and I really love it. Our pastor friend could even include this in their silver wedding anniversary.

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