On Credit Repair

June 18th, 2011
I received a notice just this morning from our First Community Credit Cooperative . I was surprised since all my loans were issued with post-dated checks from first to the last month of payment. But when I opened the letter, it was reminded for me as a co-maker . The principal borrower who is a friend of mind already missed to pay her regular loan for two months already. Oucchh… this is not good! She needs to take serious measures for fast Credit Repair or else my credit score with the cooperative will be affected.My friend may have financial difficulties at this time but she needs to find a way to negotiate with the Credit Repairs Services department of the cooperative. By negotiating she can request to lower the interest rates or extend the terms of payments up to two or three years instead of the one year she applied in her loan. If worst will come to worst , she can ask the help of Credit Repair Companies by applying a loan to pay-off her existing loan with our cooperative. This is one way to have a Fast Credit Repair. Whew! I need to see my friend as soon as possible! It’s really hard to be a co-maker and carry the burden to make Credit Repair Debt Consolidation. I swear I will never allow myself again to be a co-maker again!

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