No more late night blogging!

June 16th, 2011
It’s Back to School again! Time to wake up early and prepare everything needed for school. We have been used to waking up late ( 8:00 am) for April and May , now we’re back again with our early morning partner – our alarm clock . We have no choice but to send the kids to school since the School Bus increased the fee by 50%. I felt very sleepy this morning… so I took a nap during lunch time.

We are back to our School Days Rules – No more late night blogging and no TV watching . Whew! What will happen to my blog hopping? I guess I need to wake up earlier to do my rounds in the blogosphere. How about you?What’s your daily routine this school days?

One Response to “No more late night blogging!”

  1. ChinaDoll says:

    I think weekends would mean family day and bloghopping day 🙂


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