Girls Talk : Class Picture

June 23rd, 2011

The picture just show how old I am now. Hmmm… I guess mine is the oldest entry here. This was our 4th year High School picture of Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School ( MOGCHS) batch ’84. My mom is a teacher here too.. that is why I graduated Third Honor in class..Lol!

Thanks to facebook, I was able to grab this pic through our High School FB Group.

So where am I? Look at my Profile Pic at the right side and compare to the photo. There’s someone with a long hair on the first row…. that’s me!

Friday Photo Flashback

7 Responses to “Girls Talk : Class Picture”

  1. scarlet's walk says:

    wow! it still amazes how you got a picture..

    i was born on the '84 and i still don't have a copy of a single class picture. haha.

    visit My Class Picture

  2. STEF says:

    Well, you don't look your age in that profile photo though. You're simply beautiful. Here is my entry for this week. Hope can drop by my site. Thanks and see you!

  3. simply kim says:

    lovely photo.. makes me feel so nostalgic, lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  4. mjrodriguez says:

    I would never have guessed your age. You are aging well, sister!

  5. march on... says:

    how nice. class picture with the teachers 🙂

  6. Beauty Queen Gene says:

    wow. like scarlet i was also born in '84. i thought you were only a couple of years older!

    by the way, in my post, I am the fifth girl from the left on the middle row sa first picture, and the second girl from the right in the second row from the bottom in the second picture. hehehe

  7. arlene guevarra says:

    wow! if i am not mistaken , this was the uniform of my grade 1 teacher in city central school..I was in Grade one then during this good to remember the memories of my elementary years.

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