25th Wedding Anniversay

June 20th, 2011
Is it possible for us to plan 9 years ahead of our Silver wedding anniversary? This came to my mind as we will witness two couple friends of ours celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries next year. Wow! 25 years of blessed marriage. This is a gift from God! Their children are all grownups and all of them are excited too. They could be witnesses of how God kept and preserved the marriage of their parents through the ups and downs, trials and testings and all the things they went through as couples and parents. I am somewhat nostalgic just thinking myself walking again the isle as a bride! Wow!
The children of our friends from a distant place already prepared an idea how they are going to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of their parents. The eldest enrolled in a photography class so she could direct and take photos during the wedding and receptions. The other one prepares the wedding gifts that include PHOTO FRAMES, A SILVER FIGURINE, and SILVER BRACELET her mom would wear including her sister too. The boys in the family could be part of the entourage as the best man and grooms men. What an exciting and magical night it would be as I imagined.

Our other friend who will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary next year will do it in a fashionable way. They have three boys in the family and they asked me to do some research with the needed things for that once-in-a-lifetime event in their marriage. I’m so excited too because both of our friends are Pastors from our church and they are both dear to us. I want to help them in any way I can so that their

Weddings would be somewhat magical and worth remembering. I even suggested that SILVER RINGS would be used instead of the traditional gold jewellery the couples will wear.

As for me and my hubby, I would choose a SILVER ISLAND JEWELLERY for that special event in our marriage. Both of us are looking forward for that day to come as we prayerfully ask God to preserve our marriage too. Sixteen fruitful years and counting! Our kids are also grownups and as we shared to them our plans for that wedding, they were also excited about it. Nine years from now, our son (the eldest) will be 24 years old and our daughter will be 20. How years fly fast! I might just enjoy the thought of that day when I walked again the isle as the bride.

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