To London this 2012

May 10th, 2011
Hotel hopping! That’s what we did when we visited Davao a week ago to celebrate my hubby’s birthday and spend a get-away adventure as a family. The blogger in me suggested it and everyone agreed. Anyway, we have our own ride to transferring from one hotel to another wouldn’t be a problem. We stayed on the first night in one of the newest resort in the city- The Emars Resort. We enjoyed wave pool and their very cozy hotel accommodation. The second night, we tried My Davao Hotel since we saw from their website that they offer free calls to USA and Canada. My kids wanted to talk to their aunts and cousins from California and New York, so we all agreed to stay at My Davao Hotel. Our last day was spent at Sampaguita Inn, the price is very cheap but the accommodation is good. The only problem we had was we were given a room at the fourth and the place has no elevator.

We were so excited and enjoyed the trip very, very much. We visited many tourist spots in that area and spent our time bonding and take pleasure in the place, the food and the bonding time we have together as a family. I personally surf the net to find the best deals in hotels so we would have a worry free trip to Davao. Months before my hubby’s birthday, I have already printed and prepared our schedule.

This is what I’ve been doing for our previous trips with the kids. I happened to be one mom who goes to the every detail so that everything will be prepared. When our friends from London and Ireland invited us to visit them, I also checked the best deals for IRELAND HOTELS. Not only that, I also happened to see the BEST WEXFORD HOTEL and their WEXFORD HOTEL DEALS for that trip. And though it was not materialized due to our overcrowding schedules and a little discrepancy with our UK Visa application, still we are looking forward for it to happen. The embassy told us to send a petition papers attaching the required document in case we wanted to re-apply our Visa. I just hope the invitation and the sponsorship is still open next year. We are dreaming to be in London by 2012… to witness the Olympic. We have seen lots of TV show how UK is preparing for the biggest sport event . That excites us more to be there by 2012.

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