New Tint for our SUV Adventure

May 9th, 2011

We went to an auto glass supplier last week to ask for quotation for an auto glass replacement. There’s a small cracked in our windshield .. although it very small, we decided to know the cost of replacement. We were surprised to know that it cost a lot already. The manager said that it’s negligible and replacement is not necessary. Instead he suggested for us to install a magic glass tint for our windshield since our existing tint is so dark. The magic tint will help hide the small crack .Because he gave us a fair price for the labor and installation of the tint, my hubby went back to the Auto Glass supplier on the following day. To our surprise, it really concealed the crack and helped us have a clearer road view during the night. Maybe our friend who sold this van for us did not realized the effect of the dark tint and instead blame his poor driving visibility at night with his poor eyesight.

On the other side, we really thank him for selling his SUV at a very good price to us. Having bought and owned another second-hand car still from him, we really took this as a privilege from a dear friend. We have sold our old car also to a friend and this time enjoyed a much comfortable and spacious ride in an SUV. And our first land travel to Davao is an exciting one even though we arrived in the evening, my hubby have no problem driving since we have already a much clearer glass tint installed.

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