Motorcross National Conference in Davao City

May 28th, 2011
We enjoyed Land Trip to Davao City two weeks ago. Cagayan de Oro City to Davao City is a 5 – hour trip but because it was our first time to be on the road for that long, we didn’t mind the time. Added to the excitement were the motor riders ( more than a hundred of them) we met along the national highway. We later learned that the National Motor cross Conference was held in Davao. My hubby and son were awed to see riders in black jackets and motocross boots on their big bikes.

2 Responses to “Motorcross National Conference in Davao City”

  1. cagayan de oro house says:

    That must be a long travel. I just wonder, the last time we went in Davao City from Cagayan de Oro, it took us 6 hours. Did you have your own vehicle in your trip? Maybe we rode through bus and it stopped sometimes to pick some passengers.

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