I am not good in English ! Will you believe me?

May 26th, 2011
I must admit, I do not have a good English command – both in speaking and in writing. I envy those bloggers who can write well and have tons of English vocabulary, I am sure they are fluent in speaking English also. I have a friend who can write a 300 words article in a matter of 2 minutes. Yes! That fast! Her stored knowledge and vocabularies are amazing! My hubby too is equally good. Sometimes when he’s doing his preaching, his ideas can overtake his pen or the keyboard. I told him he’s gifted with knowledge and wisdom but he told me that it was his early years of reading and public speaking that sharpened his mind. From elementary to high school he was a consistent winner of his school’s oratorical and declamation contests. He was the school paper’s editor-in-chief and has been a delegate to various inter-school regional contest. My hubby wanted to pursue Journalism in college but sadly his father died . He’s the only son and was forced to stay in our city to be with her mom.

They say that those who are good in numbers may somewhat be poor in their English language . I tend to agree with that… I took Civil Engineering in college to getaway from all the dissertation topics . If only custom dissertation services were available in our days I am sure my English subject and all other subjects requiring written reports be higher and better. Also if I met my hubby in college , he could write my essay and that would be a lot easier for me. Lol! But that’s already water under the bridge….anyway I was able to pass all my subject with average grades because of hard work and determination.

Education would be different when our kids would be college students. There are new things for us to learn though when it comes writing essays . Although anyone can buy dissertation nowadays but we still have to consider very important rules in writing such as avoiding plagiarism! Yes I know that there are some students who are copying the ideas of others, which is wrong and without considering the consequences of it. This is one thing I would impart to my kids … doing research works online is good but doing your own thing is better. You can have a sense of ownership and fulfillment if you know that you did your work on your own .

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