Goodble Summer… Hello Classrooms…

May 30th, 2011
In the western part of the globe , Summer has yet to start. It’s a great time to bond together as a family for summer vacations and escapades. Beach and mountain Resorts are favorite places to be during this season. For kids and young at hearts, theme parks like the famous Disneyland in Florida are surely the best destination. Wherever you go and whatever you do, summer is always fun.

Summer in eastern part of Asia is ending … we are sad to let go of the season. The kids frowned as I told them to prepare their things for the start of the school year. Last Saturday, they were forced to clean up their rooms with clutters. They brought back to the store room those inflatable swimming pools, the bikes, flying kites . skate boards and other toys for summer. Now it’s time to install back the study tables and lamps. To iron the uniforms and shine the school shoes.

Now that classes is starting soon ( by middle of June) , we are preparing everything . Essay help and research works would surely be a part of the school requirements of my son. The third year in junior high will be quite challenging for him and we assured him our full support. This year would also determine his grades in the final year of his high school and the course that he will get in college. We are not sure if what course will our son get but as much as possible, we will help him get good grades in preparation for his college days. It’s a big challenge for us since both of us are working full time. Sometimes we are tempted to engage services of some pay for paper writers but it’s an additional expenses on our part.

His teachers at school pay premium attention to research and paper works so that we would always tighten our belt so our son could present the best in all his assignments. We will not be surprise if one of these days we could hear our son say “ Please write my essay for me”. His scholarship is a big, big blessing to our family and we are fully charged to give also our best for our son’s education. His school is at the top too when it comes to the quality of education here in our city. And we are proud that he is enrolled in that school.

2 Responses to “Goodble Summer… Hello Classrooms…”

  1. Mars @ The Life Encounters says:

    I agree that summer has officially ended and that school days are nearing… My daughter is actually excited, while I, on the other hand, am nervous. LOL!

  2. J Allyssa says:

    Good luck to your son. 3rd year is very much challenging in terms of school load. Let your son do his papers by himself, it will be much needed for college so it will be a very good training. 🙂

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