Chic in Black : Tuxedo

May 2nd, 2011

My Son during the High School Night of Bright Rock School

5 Responses to “Chic in Black : Tuxedo”

  1. carlota says:

    sure looking chic on his tux.

  2. Cielo of Brown Pinay says:

    Ambilis lumaki ng ating mga kiddos…mga munting musmos the noext thing youll know JS Prom na hehehhe

    Mine is up at Chic in Black #16

  3. teJan says:

    wow..gwapo and he is so chic on that black costume:) hope you can check mine!

  4. vintage lover says:

    a tux? so formal yet so chic=)

    mine is up:

  5. cherry of really interesting projects says:

    i think he enjoyed wearing his tux=)

    mine is up:

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