“Face your beauty before you get old, because it may play hide and seek with time.”

April 25th, 2011

Have you read this quote? Hhhmmm…I admit it’s my first time to read this and ponder what it means. Though true for me and millions of others that “real beauty is in the inside”, one cannot deny that beauty can also be seen outside. Yes beauty is skin deep but for me beauty is more than your skin. How about the clothing you wear? Yep, that’s straight from a simple lady who just love to wear simple yet decent, fashionable, elegant and appropriate clothing. The clothing store is like an art work shop for me and my hubby who, I admit is my most adorable critic when it comes to my choice of fashion and clothing style.
I’m excited to see more of this site about fashion style. I’m talking about The1727.com where I just quoted their saying with regards to beauty. It dawns on me the truth about the effect of one’s fashion style to one’s beauty as well. I would like to join the membership offered on their site and see what it can offer to those who want to know more about fashion style. I would even encourage other women like me to Join Now and log on to their site to see and know for yourself what I’m talking about.

One Response to ““Face your beauty before you get old, because it may play hide and seek with time.””

  1. Anonymous says:

    everyone will be beautiful with these elegant dress, I thought.

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