Chic in Black # 1

April 11th, 2011

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

I’m glad to stumble upon this new Meme in the blogosphere… thanks to PMC.

I love black.. the picture was taken with our old car in the background. I wish our new ride is black also.. but it’s not the opposite.

10 Responses to “Chic in Black # 1”

  1. Kat says:

    I'm partial to black cars too. I feel they're sleek and intriguing. Love the dress too! I like empire cut dresses because they hide a lot of fats! hahahaha

    Thanks so much for joining Chic In Black Monday! Hope you and your family have a great week ahead!

  2. Edsie says:

    OOOHH!! i love black cars.. if i have the extra money, i'd request our car to be repainted with sleek black color!!

    Visit my entry too!! Happy chic monday!
    Chic in Black Monday # 1

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    Black cars are elegant looking. My car isn't black but silver gray. Mine is up – My Chic in Black Entry

  4. gengen says:

    So cool and cute sa inyo. Mine is up too.

  5. C5 @ What Is On My Mind says:

    I like black cars but I think I like red better. 🙂

    CIBM #4
    What Is On My Mind

  6. Mitchteryosa says:

    Sabi nga "black is beautiful" and always to the rescue to cover the bulges heehee!

  7. raya says:

    wow! i wish we could have a car too.. 🙂 mine is up at

  8. gene says:

    Black cars are so sexy! But it's too risky to drive especially at night. It's quite obvious that you like black, you're both wearing it. 😀

    My Chic in Black Monday entry: black shoes

  9. Donna Lei says:

    If I will be bless to have my own car car, I would like to have it in black as well.

  10. Cielo of Brown Pinay says:

    Ours is silver naman kasi tamad ako magpacarwash hehehehehe…

    Mine is up at KCAT Can.

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