Addiction, whatever is its form is not normal at all…

April 23rd, 2011
It might be addiction to food, a habit, computer games, alcohol or drugs, the name alone connotes a bad idea. Today’s society faces the biggest problem. It’s not an economic one, nor political but moral. Yes the morality today is sliding down the drain and the main component of our society that is most affected is the family. And in the family, it’s the children who are the victim.

Here in our place, the government raised its concern with regards to the growing drug addiction problem that results to broken homes, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy and suicide. A more serious problem recently discovered is also the growing number of incest cases due to a member of a family involved in the use of illegal drugs. Yes, it is indeed alarming, very alarming.

We have to do something about it, in any way we can do to warn and inform people with the ill effects of addiction. One of the best ways to curb this problem is to encourage families and consider rehabilitation for any members inside the home to undergo this process. I really like the idea presented by the Florida Drug Rehab where they offer individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy and other healthy options for an individual to recover from addiction. The Drug Rehab in Florida should be an good example for our government here. Even parents can look at Drug Rehab Florida and see for themselves the hope they can get for their loved ones.

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