Unreachable in Fukushima,Japan

March 14th, 2011
It’s heartbreaking to see the total devastation the tsunami brought to the affected areas of Japan. Until now the images of washed out cars, buildings and bridges can not get off my mind. We have a blogger friend, Mommy Clarissa who lives in Fukushima ( the place near the Nuclear Power Plant) is still unreachable . If you are a PMC member,there’s a post in FB regarding Mommy Clang.

The tsunami was really so strong that even steel framed buildings built to stand earthquake were toppled down. The signs of times are really evident. It’s time to be ready !

2 Responses to “Unreachable in Fukushima,Japan”

  1. teJan says:

    I cannot almost watch..otherwise It will stay in my mind and can't sleep thinking about it:) sigh..lets just pray:)

  2. ChinaDoll says:

    let's all pray for the people's safety there….and i'll include Mommy Clarissa…

    Hugs and be safe always!

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