Just Beautiful & Picture Perfect

March 16th, 2011

My daughter Dale as flower girl.
I am amused , she told me that she doesn’t want to be a flower girl anymore…Lol

Picture Perfect

12 Responses to “Just Beautiful & Picture Perfect”

  1. Mommy Trish says:

    nakakatuwa! very nice when our daughter's are flower girls. thanks for joining! πŸ™‚

  2. gengen says:

    She looks pretty..Happy just beautiful…mine is up.

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    That baby is now a little lady. Ang cute naman nya. I am here for a visit. Followed you too. Mine is up:


  4. clavs says:

    Hala! she doesnt want to be a flower girl anymore kay basin brides maid na iya gusto? goodluck grace! hehehe. scared gani ko kung madalaga na si kimi!LOL!

  5. Juicers says:

    Nakks, ang ganda naman ate ng anak mo. πŸ™‚

  6. C5 @ A Woman's World says:

    bride's maid na…o kaya bride na…time flies really fast…

    JB7 #10

  7. Arlene says:

    She's beautiful!

    And her comments reminds me when my daughter told me that she won't join kiddie party games anymore because she is not a little kiddo na daw. πŸ˜€

    Haii mga bata talaga!

    MY JB is now up. =)

  8. jackie says:

    beautiful as always!thanks te for being so loyal to my meme…

  9. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    She's just beautiful. Why naman ayaw na nya mag flower girl?

    my entry is here

  10. Anne says:

    yay my daughter Jm and Faith were flower girls only once and that was during my wedding.

    Just Beautiful

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