Problem with my new GE X5 Camera

February 25th, 2011
For the 2nd time I will be bringing my new GE X5 Camera to Photoline shop , the store where I bought it. After consuming half of the memory of the 4 gig memory ( that’s around 300 shots), it can no longer recognize files. The first time I encountered it last February 14 when hubby and I went for a Valentine trip. Upon transferring it on our laptop, we realized not all shots were there. We tried t take pictures after, but it can no longer recognize the photos taken. I sent it for check-up and the store saleslady change the memory card with 4 gig san disk.

Last Sunday at our mom’s birthday, the problem again came back. Photos during dinners were not recognized again. We reset the factory reset.. tried manual mode and took pictures with a smaller size but everything remain futile.

Now during my daughter’s school foundation day, I could no longer take photos successful. I am getting pissed off since we bought this unit at a considerable amount . Any suggestion from your end? Thank you.

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  1. Maku says:

    Sorry for my bad english.
    Look in facebook: GE cameras

    This camera works perfect with 1gb or 2gb memory target but have problems sometimes with 4gb targets.

    Read everithing about this in faceebok, the tecnical support can help you. I read this in faceebok because i had the same problem like you, i change target memory for 1gb and works perfect¡

  2. Anonymous says:


    I'm Mark I am reading reviews about GE x5 and base on the reviews i notice that there are technical problems regarding the unit itself..
    is it true?

    I'm a Architecture graduate and i love taking shots of the metro. you can view some of my work at Face Book just search: Manila Heritage

    I'm planning to purchase and upgrade the camera i'm using based on my budget.hoping that you will share some of your experience on GE X5


  3. Maku says:

    No, the camera works very well. The problem is usual with digital cameras in general: Memory cards 1gb or 2gb works perfect. The problem is with 4gb o more: Not all brands are compatible. Compatibility problems begin with flash memory of 4.8, or 16bg.

  4. Maku says:

    Do you have some lens adapter tube for my camera: GENERAL ELECTRIC X5? I want to guard the lens and put a lens filter. Do you have a solution?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a GE X5 and I use a Kingston 8G class 4 card with no problems. See if you can get a card that is rated at Class 4 or higher.

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