Off to Boracay again!

February 6th, 2011

I love wearing sun hat! The above picture was taken during our birthday escapade with my hubby to the paradise island of Boracay . It was my most memorable birthday. Why? Because I celebrated it 400 ft above sea level through parasailing and 50 ft below fish feeding and helmet diving. I just love every bit of it! That’s the adventure of my lifetime!

Two days ago, I was able to book 4 tickets through the Chinese New Year Airline Promo. This time we will be going back to Bora for a four days vacation with the kids. They deserve a break from the school’s stressful exams, assignments and projects. This will be our reward for them for doing good in school ( My son maintained his full academic scholarship in high school while my 4th grade daughter is a consistent honor student) .

Time flies so swiftly , our vacation will be 2 months from now . I must get ready with all our things like our Snorkleing equipments, swiping attires, Panama hats, shades and other things. Oooppss… maybe this time I need a waterproof casing for our digital camera. This is the one we missed to bring last year.

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