Background Screening Made Easy

February 7th, 2011

Who does not love technology? Perhaps no one would ever not like the benefits technology has contributed, not even a caveman. With the power of technology, almost anything is already possible. This means that even landlords, property managers and real estate rental owners can benefit from it. Now, it is possible to have tenant background checks through online technology.

And how is this possible? Blame it to the people with big brains (intelligent ones who made this happen), tenant applicants can no longer fool their landlords. Plus, landlords can now screen tenants even better, from SSN validation to criminal records search, from bankruptcies to credit checks, name it! Tenants have more control than ever. Some companies also offer drug testing services to see whether the tenant applicant is stoned or high on illegal substances. What’s even greater is that you can have the results in as short as one day and with just a price of around $40. With that amount of money, you can validate an applicant’s identity, so that includes the name, address, phone number and previous addresses.

Most Background Screening Services are done online, so it is very much convenient for busy landlords. In addition, some of these companies operate 24/7 online and use state-of-the-art technology to find answers. So from now on, you never have to worry about accepting a sex offender, law breaker or broke tenant who does not have the full capacity of paying for monthly dues. This will save you, your business and your tenants from possible misfortunes.

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