Super Models

January 27th, 2011

2010 was a big, big victory for us Filipinos in the modeling world. A young, multi-talented, pretty and intelligent college student won the 2010 World super model contest. It was such a prominent event that brought honor and prestige to our culture. That celebrated victory made such an impact to the young generation of ladies who are hopeful to land a part in modeling. Modelling Agencies and Schools thrive here in our place and many young talents lined to attend and learn the skills of professional modeling. Learning the secrets of those cat walks and how to carry oneself in front of the cameras and people is really very interesting. I should be honest that I dreamed of being a professional model when I was still young.

Now that we are entering the second month of the year which is February, malls here are busy in hosting modeling shows as one of their offerings to the public for the Valentines. One department store dubbed their show “The Super Models” features male models and female models contesting for the prizes offered. While modeling contests happen in different places in celebration of Valentine’s Day. When our daughter saw the billboards promoting the events in that department store, she was excited to see the modeling show together with all of us. The generation today are much inclined to fashion and making fashion statements. Young people are much bolder in expressing their fashion to the public. And parents encouraged their young today to be more fashionable and not be left behind. I believe that fashion will never die so that modeling shows will also be around for a long, long time. So it means that with my little girl who’s growing up fast, I would be excited to see her wearing those fashionable clothes just like those models.

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