Our Church 25th Silver Anniversary

January 22nd, 2011

During our annual leaders’ meeting for 2010, one of the highlights is the discussion with regards to the coming Silver Anniversary of the church. August 21, 2011 will be the exact date and all of us are focusing on the details of this big event. One suggestion raised which we all agreed is to MAKE WEBSITE intended for that occasion, create a SITE BUILDER so everything could be readied for this very important history of the church. Committees were created and chairmen were appointed. Everything’s got to be in place as we all anticipate this celebration. Yes, I agree on the importance to build a website or even hire a web builder so we could inform and encourage the brethren from the States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Philippines on updates as they too are looking forward to attend it.

Activities were lined up such as: Seminars, parades, medical missions, site travels and many more. It could be a great help for us to promote all these in the internet. Our friends abroad would surely be interested in all the activities they will be looking forward as they prepare to go home and attend our Silver Anniversary. We want this to be a grand celebration as it can be. We also encourage our young people to explore their facebooks and promote this big event to their friends. We told them, “MAKE YOUR WEBPAGE” so you can help in the information drive we are doing.

Thanks to the advancement of our technology today. We can have a direct access to many things when you need it. My office which is one of the busiest as I am directed to do all the paper works and other transactions can also benefit from this. I can easily contact my friends to visit our church’s website so they could get the necessary updates and church news.

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