Girls Talk : Love Life New Years Resolution

January 13th, 2011

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person!”

I greatly Thank God for the 15 years me and my hubby have been together . Last January 1, we listed down our prayer requests for 2011 and one of the area we have fun writing is our plans and desir
es regarding our LOVE LIFE. The following are excerpts ( some are censored…lol!) :

1. Never miss to kiss and say I LOVE YOU the moment we wake up in the morning.

2. Though how high-tech our generation is today, we should never forget to send small notes and cards once in a while even with-out special occasion.

3. Friday is our family date day but we should spend a night out only the two of us once a week.

4. The couple that ” Pray together – Stay Forever”… our devotional time together should come first before blogging and watching TV.

5. A vacation minus the kid for this year

6. GOD should always be our third Party . The Closer we are to God the closer we become to each other.

I can not wait to read yours girl!

5 Responses to “Girls Talk : Love Life New Years Resolution”

  1. imriz says:

    wow, ur lovelife is truly blessed. with God as the center of ur relationship, love will be in abundance. more anniversaries 2 u sis.
    we got hitched in 1992, but we've been in-love since 1985…targeting for more years:)))

  2. Paula says:

    WOw, 15 years! We have a lot to learn from the two of you. Sana kami rin umabot ng ganyan katagal!

  3. lyza says:

    congrats for having a blissful 15 years of married life…keep it up girl 🙂
    hope you can visit my blog too, thanks!

  4. kim says:

    you are one lucky girl! well.. i love the part about vacation minus the kids, i'm looking forward to doing that with my hubby, myself.. good luck on your resolutions!

  5. K says:

    spending an "us time" should have been on my list din pala. thanks for the reminder! we've never went out without svet ever since she was born, but i guess this year it's time to change that. i love the kissing and saying i love you in the morning part!

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