Page Rank with Volt Rank

December 9th, 2010
I greatly thank God that my page ranks of my three sites are consistently at three. While others are having difficulty reaching this level , I am fortunate to have this rank for almost a year now. What’s my secret? First is my consistency of posting articles on a daily basis. In cases I have appointments or travels , I just schedule the posting. Second is joining daily memes. This is a great way to gain visitors for your site as people will be compelled to visit each other site to see their entry for the week. Third is Blog hopping, I do my rounds every other day to see what’s new with my blogger friends. Fourth is hosting, sponsoring and joining contests. I hosted two contests already – during my 1st Blog anniversary last April and during my birthday last July. I supposed to have a give-away contest this December but postponed it to January since I have observed that there were lots of contests opened for December. Also the Holiday season is not a good time for giveaways as people will be flooded with gifts and will be very busy for vacation, reunions and parties.
What I have cited above takes a lot of time and effort… so for the busy bloggers out there you can still increase your page rank through various link building sites. Have your heard of Voltrank ? It is a new text link advertising platform that targets both publishers and advertisers equally well. For publishers, Voltrank offers the opportunity to earn volt points which can be used for various purposes simply by displaying Voltrank text ad links on their pages. The system provides a FREE and effective way of getting high-volume, non-reciprocal links from thousands of websites that are part of their program. Visit their site and see what Voltrank can do for your site.

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